Life Is Better With A Dog.

I say this with surety, for it is something I know all too well. Dogs are awesome. They comfort us when were sad or blue. They get excited for us. No one is ever happier to see you than your dog. I really love my dog Rufus. He’s the best. Sure he’s often a pain and he’s definitely a lot of responsibility but he’s my little terd bird. Well, maybe not so little.


Rufus was born to my brothers dog Asia in my coveralls with his litter mates. One day when my brother was over with Asia and his girlfriend, Asia disappeared. When we found her, she was nestled in my winter coveralls halfway thru her delivery of 6 little baby pitt bull terriers. Needless to say she stayed with me for the next 7 or 8 weeks. Little Rufus has been following  me around ever since.


He loves to play tug of war. When I take him for walks he grabs the leash in his mouth and leads me out of the yard. He walks me at least as far as the road or the alley out back to be sure we’re really going for a walk and he’s not getting tied up on his chain. He weighs about 60 or 65 lbs so he generally leads me around with me giving him a tug every so often when he’s going somewhere he’s not allowed.


He really loves to go down the old railroad tracks so I can let him go to run. Often we will spend a large part of the afternoon out there running and wrestling. Rufus spends a lot of time munching on wild strawberries and tasty looking blades of grass.

Once I get him (and me) all worn out we’ll make our way home where Rufus knows ill have a snack waiting for him (and me) because all that exercise makes us  hungry.


Rufus eats dog food of course but he always gets a portion of my meals. I purposely make extra for Rufus. He sleeps in my bed and trails me all day inside and out. He likes being outside unless it has  rained or is raining. He hates going out in the mud.

He’s my spoiled little terd bird. I love him and he loves me. Too bad all relationships weren’t this simple and easy to maintain.



2 thoughts on “Life Is Better With A Dog.

  1. Hello Rufus, you look like I would love to play with you. I like playing with big strong dogs, so we can race and do some boxing! I am a bit jealous that you may sleep in the bed, I still am working on a plan to convince my boss I can do so, too… If you have any advice on this, please let met know.

    1. Rufus is a little spoiled.He’s been sleeping in my bed since he was a little pup so nowadays he feels like he belongs there. And rightfully so.
      Rufus loves to play and wrestle or box. His mama and little sister come over often to play and they have a great time. As a matter of fact we are just back from a nice morning down the old tracks. We are all a little worn out and relaxing on the cool front porch for now.

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