Our Huge Backyard Farm Project


Building a backyard farm in rural America is a daunting task. The ground is hard and full of clay suitable for cob building applications(we haven’t gotten to that yet) and there are weeds aplenty. People say there’s not much to do out in the country but out here we have tons of stuff happening.


Our backyard farm project is growing and we hope to see a nice return in the way of fresh veggies and animals (rabbits and chickens) to process for meat. Our goal is to become as self sufficient as possible to ease our living in these poor economic times.


We have many other ideas besides the general farm were building. Alternative energy, homemade soaps and candles are on our to do list as well as making home made wine and spirits and locating forgotten wild edibles and other forages that we can use to our advantage.

We’ve been hard at work on this project since the beginning of March and we are starting to reap the benefits.



Things are progressing quite nicely. We’ve already had our first salads from the garden and our animals, chickens and rabbits, are getting regular green snacks out of there as well. Personally I’m waiting for the fresh salsa.

We have other ongoing projects that are well under way. Each day brings a new set of challenges with new projects and the extra work they make for us, but the money we’ll save in the long run is more than worth it. The feeling of self sufficiency is very nice too.

Here’s a sneak peak at another project that still needs a little work.

Hopefully my videos will get better with practice.



3 thoughts on “Our Huge Backyard Farm Project

    1. Lots of work with promised future rewards. We have done all this on a 150 ft x 55 ft lot, in the backyard behind our house. Lots of work like I said but well worth the efforts. Man seriously, I can taste the fresh salsa now.

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