Who I Am And Why I’m Here

RogueWriter40 Freelance Writer Creative Author
Freelance Writer
Creative Author

Hello readers, I’m Scott Williams (one of many) aka the Rogue Writer 40. I’m a retired construction worker, self employed tinker of interesting things and aspiring author, writer and freelancer. My main intent for this blog is to share things I find interesting and useful to normal people. I really don’t care for the state our world is in and I feel like we should be doing something. I am, as I can. I have great interest in recycling. One mans trash is another mans treasure so they say. It’s true in fact. I find lots of useful things people have tossed out. One of the ideals we’ve adopted in our home is to try and live more simply. Cut out some of the unnecessary expenses in  life and resurrect some simpler techniques used by our parents, grandparents and the generations beyond them. We would like to be as independent and self sufficient as possible. With the state of the world it  can’t hurt to be prepared. Better somewhat prepared than none prepared I guess. In the meantime we benefit from things like making our own laundry soaps, burning wood instead of using expensive electric heat (we cut down dead trees, clear debris and take any wood we find at the local dump to burn our stoves). We grow a big garden and can our harvest. This year we intend to try some winter gardening techniques we’ve been looking into. We raise rabbits for meat and their furs and chickens for eggs and meat. We live in a small rural town in eastern Indiana and don’t have a really big lot. We make as much use of good space as we can and still have projects under development. We will continue to incorporate new and interesting off grid style innovations as we can afford to. I’d like to share these topics with you as time passes and maybe I can make some friends with similar interests. If solar or alternative power, off grid water, raising animals or growing gardens, green recycling projects or simple techniques like canning and simple bread, biscuit and cake recipes sound interesting, I’m very much interested in your input and ideas. Stop by and say hello and I’ll try to put up some interesting and engaging content. Eventually I would like to write and consolidate all of my interests and hobby’s into an off grid or survive all type manual for publication. Writing as an eBook how to sort of series seems like may also be a good idea. Both projects have a lot of reading and writing between me and any finished products so for today I’ll begin here, with my blog. If I’ve peaked your interest feel free to stop back by. Insights, comments, thoughts or ideas gladly accepted.


4 thoughts on “Who I Am And Why I’m Here

  1. Hi, I found your post was extremely interesting, coming as I do from a developing country. All the talk about need for development and modernisation does not always lead to happy people as the developed countries try to impress on the rest of the world. It is surprising how little the people who live in small towns and villages need to bring a smile on their faces.

    1. In our case it was never a matter of trying to impress anyone. We were raised from children with things the way they are. It wasn’t until much later in my life I realized the folly of being too dependent upon items and services that offer convenience instead of actually getting and doing things for ourselves. Most Americans are currently caught in this trap. I hope to liberate some of them.

  2. This post will soon get buried in your archives. I suggest that you copy and paste much of this to your About page, so that new readers who stumble across your blog in later months don’t need to ferret this information out.

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